WordPress Website Security

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Specializing in WordPress Website Security For New Jersey, Philadelphia and NYC Clients

Manna Design offers full WordPress Website security services.

Contact Manna today to discuss our security options for your WordPress website. We can protect clean sites and restore compromised ones.

Our Website Security Services Include:

  • Free Security Review With Printed Report
  • Comprehensive WordPress Security Packages
  • Preventative Maintenance Plans
  • Cleaning and Restoration of Compromised WordPress Websites


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world – used by more than 75 million websites. To put that in perspective, we’re talking about a quarter of all websites worldwide. Because of this, WordPress is the target of choice for many hackers.  What’s worse, this infection is so stealthy that it’s spreading right under the noses of web developers and users worldwide. Like so many cancers, it’s a virus that doesn’t show symptoms until it’s too late.  That was the case in May of 2015 for the Philadelphia City Council WordPress site. It was running an older version of WordPress and the bugs made their way in.

The good news is: A little Proactive Maintenance and Security Know-How can keep your website safe!

Had the Philadelphia City Council been working with a web developer like Manna, this might have been avoided. In fact, while all of this was happening, Manna was in the process of spreading the news about a brand new Critical Security Release issued by WordPress in response to a huge number of compromised websites. Because we are WordPress security experts, we were able to act quickly – and prevent mayhem for many. We stay on top of all available WordPress updates and make sure our customers understand how critical it is to always run the most current version.

A NJ Web Design Company That’s Invested in Your Security

Hackers are smart and sophisticated, making security a bigger issue than ever before. Everyone is at risk. While it’s not always possible to outsmart every hacker out there, we are determined to try. That means making sure our web designers and developers are not only the most talented, but the most knowledgeable too. As is the case with most technology, new security practices and procedures are launched almost daily. It’s our job to be on top of that, so that you don’t have to worry.

We do this by making sure our developers get the benefit of the latest training. For example, we recently participated in the 5-part WordPress Website Security Summit. It gave us an amazing, in-depth look at WordPress Security and what we can do to keep the websites we create protected. A highlight of the summit included a panel discussion with WordPress security and other industry experts. It resulted in a lively Q&A – and lots of useful insight on how to prepare for and react all sorts of situations.

Manna Launches New WordPress Security Packages

While many web companies consider their jobs done when a customer’s new site launches, we do not. At Manna, that’s just the beginning. After all, the most beautiful website in the world is worthless if it can’t run.

Your team at Manna takes protecting your website very seriously. To supplement what we’re already doing in this area, we will be launching a comprehensive selection of WordPress security packages — with protection levels to meet any budget. While all our sites have basic security in place, these packages will provide multiple levels of increased security for your site. The three packages include:

  • WSP Sentry
  • WSP Defender
  • WSP Sentinel

Watch for detailed information on these coming soon. In the meantime, if you are running an old version of WordPress, contact us right away so that we can secure your site.