E-Commerce Websites & Online Stores

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Photo of a New Jersey Ecommerce website showing products for sale by 6ABC.

Channel 6ABC Ecommerce Website Designed By Manna. This is an example of the web design ability we bring to online shopping sites.

Ecommerce Solutions to

From 1 Product to 1000’s.  Start Ups to Corporate.

  • ~ Easily Manage Your Own Store
  • ~ Sell Products, Accept Payments, Take Donations
  • ~ Multiple Options Based on Budget and Need
  • ~ Complete Solutions or Add-On Stores to Existing Sites
  • ~ Simple Carts to Interactive Online Catalogs


NJ Website Design Services

Featured NJ Ecommerce Web Design Samples

Below are some of our ecommerce websites. We try to design the sites to not only work well, but also look great. Our Ecommerce Web Site experience varies from sites with just a few products to web sites selling thousands of items. Click on any of the slides to see a larger photo. Click here to see more NJ Ecommerce Web Sites.

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Learn More About Our NJ Ecommerce Solutions:

With Ecommerce Powered Websites, Experience Matters!

Critical Thought on Ecommerce Websites…
Don’t risk your income with an amateur web developer. Manna has the experience and business savvy to handle complex ecommerce jobs.

We’ve designed ecommerce web sites for start up companies as well as major corporations including ABC/Disney. Don’t trust something as complex and critical as your source of income to an amateur web developer. Aside from years of professional web design experience, we offer a comprehensive understanding of basic business – something that’s critical to a well functioning and profitable ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Features and Capabilities

Below are some of the many features available with a professional ecommerce website solution. This is by no means a complete list, but give the highlights of possible features.

  • Web Products and Online Orders Completely Manageable by the client
  • Ability to sell and accept eGift Certificates online – shoppers specify recipient email address and amount, or print the certificate with a unique key code
  • Multiple Pricing Categories for possibly offering Retail, Wholesale and Preferred-Wholesale rates
  • Digital Coupon Module for entering Discount Codes with expiration dates, minimum orders, %off, flat rates, etc
  • Store front custom designed to blend with the main site
  • Automatic, zip code based, shipping rates from UPS and FedEx.
  • Shipping only to designated states, at client’s option
  • Customer Login with memorized information for returning web shoppers
  • Credit Card Interface, Manual credit card capture (for terminal entry), PayPal, electronic checks, and COD
  • Detailed activity reports of all online sales, web orders, etc.
  • Utilize the upsell feature to suggest a product at checkout, based on the order total, or on specific products in the order. Discounts may also be applied with an upsold product
  • Unlimited online products possible
  • Confirming e-mail messages when customers place orders online
  • Automatic, customized e-mail welcome letter when client creates an account
  • Automatic e-mailing of username and password when client creates an account in your website
  • Sensitive order information will be blocked out of email confirmations
  • Multiple Levels of site administration and access to sensitive order information
  • Receive e-mail notifications when new orders are received
  • State-based sales tax and shopper selected sales tax settings available
  • Order minimums enable you to require customers to meet a certain order total or product quantity amount. If not met, a custom message can be displayed to your customers
  • Affiliate Tracking System enables you to create and manage affiliate partners for your web store, with individual commission levels based on order traffic, customers referred, or a combination of both

NJ Ecommerce Video Portfolio

Uh-Oh… Someone is really going to get it! Looks like our ecommerce web design video portfolio isn’t quite ready yet.