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Your logo and overall brand is what represents you 24/7. It shows up online, vehicle wraps, stationary, business cards, building signs and everywhere else your company is mentioned. It is probably the most critical element of your overall advertising and yet many companies never put a serious effort (budget) behind making a winner. Well designed logos create immediate viewer recognition for a brand or organization.

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What Makes A Good Logo?

Keep Your Logo Simple

These is possibly the most important part and it ties into almost all of the other points. A complicated logo will make your it difficult to reproduce and maintain. The logo should invoke a quick, concise feeling or recognition for your brand. Many designers feel the inclination to add elements and complexity. More often than not, simpler is easier to remember and when designed correctly, a simple logo is very powerful.

Just the same, a simple logo isn’t always easy to design and you have to be careful that your logo doesn’t appear too boring. This is why it is best to leave logo design and corporate branding to experienced design professionals!


Adaptability: Have Several Logo Variations

Good corporate branding will include logo variations that will work for every business situation. Having just one version of a logo will make it impossible to use effectively across multiple marketing channels and applications. You want to portray a consistent brand across all of your marketing materials, including signs, shirts, email, business cards, letterhead, products lines, and websites. Often times, a particular logo design will work fine on a billboard, but when you shrink it down to fit on a vertical website banner or coffee cup, the narrow space makes your logo too small to be useful. Your logo should also work well in black (or one color) and white.

It is best for businesses to have an several variations of the logo, all of which have a similar look. This should include a Vertical Logo Option, Horizontal Logo Option, Icon Only Logo Option and all three in full color, white and one color.

Logo Design Variations using the Glassboro Marketplace as an example. Includes: One Color Logo Icon, Full Color Horizontal Logo, Full Color Vertical Logo and One Color Horizontal Logo

Logo Design Variations: One Color Logo Icon, Full Color Horizontal Logo, Full Color Vertical Logo and One Color Horizontal Logo

Keep Your Logo Unique & Memorable

A great logo design will imbed itself into the subconscious of the public. You want to be sure that your organization is easily identified among your industry and competitors. Be sure to carefully research your competition and target market before starting on a new logo design. While you need be aware of any common styles in your industry, you must make sure you don’t create a ‘new’ logo that looks similar to a close competitor. Aside from copyright infringement, you’ll cause confusion with logos that are similar in design and in the same industry.


Vector Logos Are Better

Although it’s tempting to use detailed illustrations, special 3D effects, and complex drawings in a logo, you will usually end up with more problems using it than it is worth. Try having a complex 3D drawing turning into a embroidered design; not easy. Crisp, clean lines with a nice color selection are almost always more effective for logo design than an illustration or complex 3d drawings. A well-drawn logo will look just as good on a coffee mug as it does on a website.


Choose Your Logo Colors Carefully

Colors can play a very important role in logo design. Colors can have varying effects depending on age, gender, and demographics of the target market, so your logo color choice should be carefully considered depending on who your selling too. Also, colors tend to follow trends, just like in fashion. So a new, vibrant company may want to follow the current trends, whereas a bank may want to stay with a more conservative color set that will work well for them over a long period of time. Try to keep your selection of colors down to two or three. Too many colors will increase your cost of production and make it more difficult to reproduce.

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This information is coming Soon! Sorry for the trouble. In the meantime, please download a sample logo style guide for one of our NJ logo design clients; the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce.


Sample Logo Style Guide

This information is coming Soon! Sorry for the trouble.